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Dr. Surya Parkash Prof. Surya Parkash, Professor

Professor Surya Parkash is presently Head of the Geo-Meteorological Risks Management Division and the CBRN, Industrial and Cyber DRR Division at NIDM. He is Chairman IQAC and IAIP, as well as Chief Information Security Officer of the Institute. He is also faculty in-charge of specialized centres on World Centre of Excellence on Landslides Disaster Reduction (conferred by International Consortium on Landslides, Japan under International Programme on Landslides), Early Warning and Communication, Safe Hill Area Development, Coastal DRR&R, EOC and GIS, Flood Monitoring Cell, CBRN, Industrial and Cyber DRR. He has been the Leader of IPL-172 project and IPL-233 project under International Programme on Landslide and coordinated the Indo-Japanese Action Plan on Landslides and Disaster Management as part of inter-governmental cooperation signed by the Prime Ministers of India and Japan. He is nodal faculty for coordinating with the Union Ministries of Parliamentary Affairs, Labour & Employment, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Coal, New & Renewable Energy, Communication, Mines, Shipping, and North Eastern States for facilitating formulation of DM plans.

His key areas of interest are landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, tsunami, GLOFs, LLOFs, Dam Bursts, mining disasters, public health emergency, CBRN, Industrial and Cyber Risks, DRR for Media, community based disaster risk management, damage and loss assessment, disaster safe hill area development and environmental management. He is presently the Editor of the UGC CARE listed Journal on Disaster & Development. He is National Coordinator of International Association for Promoting Geoethics, Italy and BoR Member at International Consortium on Landslides.

Dr. Anil K. Gupta Prof. Anil K. Gupta, Professor

Formerly Head/Director, Institute of Environment and Development Studies, Bundelkhand University Jhansi since 2003, he joined NIDM in 2006. A disaster mitigation & crisis management professional, Ph.D. (1995), Post-doctorate (CSIR, NEERI 1996), he possess interdisciplinary expertise, with institutional development - administration & management, coordinated several international/national projects, over 100 publications including 10 books and 45 papers, guided Ph.D. research. His special contributions were in preparation of National DM Plan (including mitigation & response plan), National HR Plan for DRM, Perspective Plan for NIDM's strengthening, Strategy on Climate Change, NAP on Chemical Disasters, international cooperation with GIZ, UNEP, UNDP, ISET-US, UNU-EHS, UNESCO, CKDN, ICIMOD, NORAD, World Bank, etc. and coordination with States/UTs for DM capacity building/training matters. Areas include risk/vulnerability analysis, DMP, PDNA, CCA-DRR, housing safety & local emergency preparedness, DM planning, governance, etc. He also served NMDC, DMI, NEERI and CICON in administrative/technical capacities. He is coordinator of Technical Advisory Committee of NIDM, member of Governing Council & Academic/Research Advisory of several institutions and High level/Ministerial delegation abroad.

Dr. Amir Ali Khan Dr. Amir Ali Khan, Associate Professor

Dr. Amir Ali Khan is a trained Civil Engineer and Urban Planner with a Ph.D. on Urban Earthquake Risk Mitigation. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Studies of Geological Risks from the University of Geneva. In addition, he has been trained by several international organisations on the subjects related to disaster risk management and mitigation in Asia and Europe. Dr. Khan has served UNDP for about two years as National Disaster Reduction Advisor in Uzbekistan. During his stay with UNDP, Dr. Khan served as Chairperson of the UN Uzbekistan's 'Disaster Preparedness and Response Group'. He was also the UN focal point on humanitarian assistance. He has varied experience in the area of disaster risk mitigation and management at national and international level for programme development and management, knowledge management and communication, capacity enhancement, partnership building and networking, etc. His current areas of interests include capacity building for earthquake risk mitigation especially in urban areas, post disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development and formulation of disaster management plans.

Dr. Ajinder Walia Dr. Ajinder Walia, Associate Professor

Ajinder Walia is a doctorate in Sociology working as a faculty in National Institute of Disaster Management and erstwhile National Centre for Disaster Management since 2003. She has been working in the area of social aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction with a focus on Gender and Disasters, Community-Based Disaster Risk Management, Psychosocial care in Disasters, School Safety and Development of Disaster Management Plans at the village and community level. Along with publications in journals and books, she has also developed training modules on Gender and Disaster Management and Development of Village Disaster Management Plan.

Shri Shekher Chaturvedi Shri Shekher Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor

A post graduate with diploma in Computer Applications, he has been associated with this Institute for more than 20 years. His major areas of intervention are Disaster Management Plans, Community Based Disaster Preparedness, Incident Response System (Basic & Intermediate) and Accident Related Disasters, particularly Railway Accidents.

Ms. Sushma Guleria Dr. Sushma Guleria, Assistant Professor

A Ph.D in Disaster Management and B.Ed, she has been associated with this institute since 2006. Earlier, she worked on World Bank project on School Environmental Education in India with the Ministry of Environment and forests, Government of India. She is also the recipient of the World Bank's Young Researcher's Grant Award for Disaster Risk Reduction for the year 2005-06. Currently looks after the Centre for Climate Resilience and Environment and Centre for Water and Land DRR.

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