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85. Directory of Institutions and Resource Persons for Landslide Management In India 2015Surya Parkash, T. K. Saha Roy
84. Incident Response System - Basic & Intermediate : Training Module 2015NIDM
83. India Disaster Report 2013 2014Satendra, K.J. Anandha Kumar & V.K. Naik
82. Incident Response System - Safety Officer : Training Module 2014NIDM
81. Incident Response System - Integrated Planning Section Course : Training Module 2014NIDM
80. Incident Response System - Liaison Officer : Training Module 2014NIDM
79. Incident Response System - Area Command : Training Module 2014NIDM
78. Incident Response System - Advanced IRS : Training Module 2014NIDM
77. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction In Housing Sector 2014NIDM & UNDP
76. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Environment Sector : Guidelines and Tools 2014NIDM & UNDP
75. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Health: Strategies, Methodologies & Tools 2014NIDM & UNDP
74. Toolkit for Urban Planning In Disaster
73. Training Manual on Long-Term Recovery and Reconstruction Strategies 2014NIDM & UNDP
72. Mainstreaming DRR in Development Planning 2014NIDM & UNDP
71. Forest Fire Disaster Management 2014Satendra, A. D. Kaushik
70. NCRMP TOT module for Senior level Journalists - Re-examining principles of disaster reporting 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
69. NCRMP TOT module for Entry level Journalists - Examining principles of disaster reporting 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
68. NCRMP TOT Module for Teachers - Creation of culture of safety through knowledge and education 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
67. NCRMP TOT Module - Preparation and implementation of hospital DM plan 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
66. NCRMP TOT Module - Mainstreaming DRR & CCA into city development plan 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
65. NCRMP TOT module - Integration of DR and CC Resilience in Rural Development policies and programs 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
64. NCRMP TOT module - Strengthening PRIs for Mainstreaming DRR & CCA in Development 2014 NIDM & SEEDS
63. Annual Report of NIDM 2012-13 2014 NIDM
62. Directory of Institutions and Resource Persons in Disaster Management 2014 A. D. Kaushik, R. P. Sharma & Megha Kohli
61. A selected annotated bibliography and bibliography on landslides in india 2014Surya Parkash, Anil Kathait
60. Bundelkhand Drought : Retrospective Analysis and Way Ahead 2014Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair, Oishanee Ghosh, Anjali Singh, Sunanda Dey
59. व्यापक भूस्खलन जोखिम प्रबंधन : प्रशिक्षण मॉड्यूल 2014सूर्य प्रकाश
58. Strengthening Climate Resilience through Disaster Risk Reduction : Approach in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India - Experience and Lessons 2014Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair, Swati Singh, Ashish Chaturvedi, Rachna Arora, Manjeet Singh Saluja, Nikita Mundra & Heike Mewes
57. Incident Response System - Logistics Section : Training Module 2014NIDM
56. Incident Response System - Operations Section Chief : Training Module 2014NIDM
55. Incident Response System - Integrated Planning Section Chief : Training Module 2014NIDM
54. Incident Response System - Incident Commander : Training Module 2014NIDM
53. Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Into District Level Development Plans : Training Module 2014Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair, Shiraz A. Wajih, Shashikant Chopde, Gautam Gupta & Garima Aggarwal
52. Course Report: Training of Trainer's Programme on Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management for Officials from African Countries (January 07-18, 2013) 2013NIDM
51. National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR), May 13 - 14, 2013, New Delhi : Proceedings 2013NIDM
50. India Disaster Report 2012 2013K. J. Anandha Kumar & Ajinder Walia
49. Database and Statistics for Disaster Risk Management : Training Module 2013Sreeja S. Nair, Anil K. Gupta & Klaus Röder
48. Geoinformatics Applications in Chemical Risk Management : Training Module 2013Anandita Sengupta, Debanjan Bandyopadhyay, Nilanjan Paul, Sreeja S. Nair & Anil K. Gupta
47. Critical Infrastructures and Disaster Risk Reduction : Training Module 2013Claudia Bach, Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair & Jörn Birkmann
46. Training Module for Master Trainers on School Safety [Draft] 2013Ritu Raj
45. Training Module on Urban Risk Mitigation 2013Chandrani Bandyopadhyay
44. Bihar Floods : 2007 (A Field Report) 2013Santosh Kumar, Arun Sahdeo & Sushma Guleria
43. Activity book on Disaster Management for school students 2013Surya Parkash, Irfana Begum & Rita
42. Flood Disaster Risk Management - Hydrological Forecasts - Requirements and Best Practices : Training Module 2013A. Vogelbacher
41. Flood Disaster Risk Management - Gorakhpur Case Study : Training Module 2013Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair, Shiraz A. Wajih & Sunanda Dey
40. Village Disaster Management Plan : Training Module 2013Ajinder Walia & Sushma Guleria
39. Safeguard Environment for Disaster Risk Reduction : Poem & Slogan Book 2012Anil K. Gupta, Shekher Chaturvedi, Rajnish Goswami & Anupama Sethi
38. Comprehensive Landslides Risk Management: Training Module 2012Surya Parkash
37. Environmental Legislation for Disaster Risk Management: Training Module (Indian) 2013Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair & Swati Singh
36. Science Festival : Disaster Management 2012Irfana Begum, Surya Parkash & Rita
35. Geoinformatics Applications in Disaster Management: Training Module 2012Sreeja S. Nair
34. India Disaster Report 2011 2012K. J. Anandha Kumar, Ajinder Walia & Shekher Chaturvedi
33. Flood Risk Mitigation and Management: A Training of Trainers (ToT) Module 2012A. D. Kaushik
32. Environmental Extremes : Disaster Risk Management 2012Anil K. Gupta & Sreeja S. Nair
31. Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management : Training Module 2012Anil K. Gupta & Sreeja S. Nair
30. Ecosystem Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction 2012Anil K. Gupta & Sreeja S. Nair
29. Adaptation to Climate Change with a Focus on Rural Areas and India 2012Anil K. Gupta
28. Disaster Management for NDRF Commanders : Training Module-Arun Sahdeo
27. District Disaster Management Plan : Training Module -Santosh Kumar & Shekher Chaturvedi
26. Directory of Institutions and Resource Persons in Disaster Management 2012A. D. Kaushik & Megha Kohli
25. Disaster management in India 2011MHA
24. Proceedings of National Workshop on Earthquake Risk Mitigation Strategy in North East (24-25 February 2011, Assam) 2011NIDM
23. Risk to Resilience : Strategic Tools for Disaster Risk Management 2009Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair, Shashikant Chopde & Praveen Singh
22. Proceedings of 2nd India Disaster Management Congress (04-06 November 2009, Vigyan Bhawan) 2009NIDM
21. Disaster Risk Reduction for Safe Development : A study of Corporate Practices in India2009P. G. Dhar Chakrabarti, Chandrani Bandyopadhyay & Karuna Raina
20. Psychosocial Care in Disaster Management : A Training of Trainers (ToT) Module 2009Sujata Satapathy
19. Proceedings of National Workshop on Chemical Disaster Management (30 September-01 October 2008, New Delhi) 2009Anil K. Gupta, Sreeja S. Nair & Sharad Kumar
18. Micro-Finance and Disaster Risk Reduction2006P. G. Dhar Chakrabarti & Mihir R. Bhat
17. आपदा सम्प्रेषण : संचार माध्यमों हेतु संसाधन संग्रह 2005 अमजद भट्टी, माधवी मलालगोडा आरियाबंदु
16. आपदा प्रबंधन के जेंडर आयाम : दक्षिण एशिया के लिए मार्गदर्शिका 2005 माधवी मलालगोडा आरियाबंदु, मैथ्री विक्रमसिंघे
15. A Situational Analysis of the Kumbakonam School Fire Tragedy2005Sujata Satapathy & Ajinder Walia
14. The Kutch Earthquake 2001 : Recollections, Lessons and Insights 2004Pramod K. Mishra
13. National Disaster Response Plan2002NCDM
12. High Powered Committee Report 2002NCDM
11.   Disaster Management-Lessons Drawn and Strategies for future2002Anil Sinha
10.   Gujarat Earthquake2001M. C. Gupta, L. C. Gupta, Anil Sinha & Vinod K. Sharma
9. Drought in Gujarat2001L. C. Gupta & Vinod K. Sharma
8. Drought in Rajasthan2001L. C. Gupta & Vinod K. Sharma
7. Orissa Super Cyclone2001M. C. Gupta & Vinod K. Sharma
6. Disaster Management2001 (Reprint)Vinod K. Sharma
5.   INDIA-IDNDR & beyond2000Vinod K. Sharma
4.   Manual on Natural Disaster Management in India2000M. C. Gupta, L.C. Gupta, B. K. Tamini & Vinod K. Sharma
3.   Natural Disasters in India- Some Recent Case Studies1999Arun Jha & A. A. Khan
2.   IDNDR-Indian Experiences and Initiative1999Vinod K. Sharma
1. Culture of Prevention1999Anil Sinha & Vinod K. Sharma

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