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In pursuance of the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act, 2014, Central Government has opened an interim administrative office of NIDM at the transit facilities provided by Government of Andhra Pradesh in the APSDMA building in Gannavaram, Guntur. The campus office became operational on 17th August 2016. It has been further relocated to APHRDI campus at Bapatla. The basic unit comprising of both administrative, academic and secretarial support staff will organize and coordinate all training activities of Southern Campus in collaboration with APSDMA and other State Government institutions.

All correspondences relating to NIDM Southern Campus may henceforth be addressed to:-

NIDM [Southern Campus], Interim Office
Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute,
Karlapalem Road, Teacher Colony 1st Line Opposite Road
Bapatla Town, Bapatla Mandal, Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh, PIN- 522 101.

Photo Gallery

Training programmes/workshops already conducted

Sno.Name of CourseDate(s)Course Faculty
1. Capacity Building for Disaster Resilience at the Local Level 17 Aug 2016 Santosh Kumar, Chandan Ghosh, Anil K. Gupta
2. Pre NPDRR National Summit on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction 11-12 Apr 2017 NIDM
3. Post NPDRR Workshop on Drought 8-9 Jun 2017 NIDM
4. Climate Resilient Development for Cyclone and Flood Risk Mitigation 4-6 Jul 2017 Anil K. Gupta, AD Kaushik
5. Psycho-social care in disasters 5-9 Feb 2018 Ajinder Walia
6. Coastal Community Resilience 7-9 Feb 2018 Sushma Guleria
7. Earthquake Risk Mitigation covering Building Codes 5-9 Mar 2018 Chandan Ghosh, Amir Ali Khan
8. IRS: Incident Commander, Operation Section Chief and Logistic Section Chief 5-16 Mar 2018 Santosh Kumar
9. Crowd Management: Stampede Risk Reduction 12-16 Mar 2018 Shekher Chaturvedi, Santosh Kumar
10. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into City Disaster Management Plan 1-4 May 2018 Chandrani Bandyopadhyay, Shekher Chaturvedi
11. National Workshop on "Forging Partnerships: Capacity Building for DRR" 21-22 May 2018 NIDM
12. Incident Response System (IRS): Basic & Intermediate 9-13 July 2018 Santosh Kumar, Shekher Chaturvedi
13. Communication During emergency/ disaster situations 16-20 July 2018 Surya Parkash
14. Extreme Weather events 6-10 Aug 2018 Surya Parkash
15. Earthquake Risk Mitigation & Management 8-12 Oct 2018 Amir Ali Khan, Chandan Ghosh
16. Drought Risk Mitigation & Management 22-26 Oct 2018 Surya Parkash
17. Crowd Management : Stampede Risk Reduction 23-26 Oct 2018 Shekher Chaturvedi
18. Integrating Coastal Zone Management for DRR 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2018 Sushma Guleria
19. ToT programme on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into Panchayati Raj Institutions 12-16 Nov 2018 Shekher Chaturvedi, Chandrani Bandyopadhyay
20. Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) 21-23 Jan 2019Santosh Kumar, Shekher Chaturvedi
21. Integration of CCA and DRR in Rural Development 4-8 Feb 2019Sushma Guleria
22. Community Based Disaster Risk Management 11-15 Mar 2019 Ajinder Walia, Surya Parkash
23. Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) & Long Term Recovery 01-03 May 2019 Santosh Kumar, Shekher Chaturvedi
24. Disaster Awareness Workshop for Children24 May 2019 Kumar Raka & Balu I.
25. Drought Management 16-18 July 2019 Surya Parkash
26. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR6-7 Aug 2019 Kumar Raka & Balu I.
27. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR20-21 Aug 2019 Asharose, Kumar Raka & Balu I.
28. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR27-28 Aug 2019 Kumar Raka & Balu I.
29. Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience 03-05 Sep 2019Surya Parkash
30. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR16-17 Sep 2019 Balu I. & Kumar Raka
31. Faculty Development programme on CCDRR24-25 Sep 2019 Kumar Raka & Balu I.
32. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR03-04 Oct 2019Kumar Raka & Balu I.

Forthcoming Training programmes

Sno.Name of CourseDate(s)Course Faculty
33. Orientation Training Programme on CCDRR23-24 Oct 2019Balu I.
34. Faculty Development programme on CCDRR17-18 Nov 2019Balu I. & Kumar Raka
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