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ISET-USA President Meets ED NIDM: Reviving Research Collaboration on 02.05.2018, New Delhi

Convergence of Climate Change Adaptation with Disaster Risk Management towards mainstreaming into developmental policies, plans and actions at various levels, with overall objectives of safe and sustainable development, has been a research area of NIDM, implemented jointly with Institute of Social and Environment Transition (ISET, Colorado, USA), Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), etc. and with support of Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), Rockefeller Foundation, etc. with drawing lessons for capacity building and policy advocacy as key interests of NIDM. NIDM has organized international and national research sharing workshops on Risk to Resilience in this partnership and developed training modules and policy papers based on studies carried out in some states representing flood risk, multi-hazard coastal risks, and multi-hazard hill area risks, covering the range of hydro-meteorological disasters. In order to revive ties to mainstream such collaborations with NIDM into formal cooperation for research and development programmes and pilot studies, a team lead by Dr Kenneth MacClune, President of ISET International, Colorado, USA, along with GEAG-Delhi representative Dr. Nivedita Mani and ISET Delhi representatives Shashikant Chopde and Dilip Singh met the NIDM team lead by ED NIDM Mr. B H Anil Kumar on 2nd May 2018, and discussed on the emerging areas of cooperation and research. Both institutions have agreed to enter into long-term support and partnership through formal arrangements. Past president of ISET USA Dr Marcum Moench and the President of GEAG Prof. Shiaz A Wajih have also been frequently participating in the academic programmes of NIDM in the past as well.

SCDR-JNU-NIDM National Workshop on Early Warning System and Resilience to Floods: Regional Cooperation and Coordination, 27 April 2018, New Delhi

Special Centre for Disaster Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University in collaboration with National Institute of Disaster Management, MHA Govt of India is organising a "National Workshop on Early Warning System and Community Resilience to Floods with focus on Regional Cooperation and Institutional Coordination". The workshop will be held on 27th April'2018 at SCDR-JNU. Executive Director NIDM Shri B. H. Anil Kumar as Chief Guest of the event, delivered the keynote address, while Dr. Anil K Gupta, Head of Policy Planning Division, was a distinguished speaker in the session on "Flood Preparedness, Insurance and Collaborations". NIDM Faculty members Dr. Ajinder Walia and Dr. Sushma Guliera participated as delegates from NIDM side. Strategic agencies including relevant Ministries, India Meteorology Department, Central Water Commission, GEAG, ICIMOD, AIDMI, UNICEF, UNDP, and several independent experts on disaster management participated and deliberated on the theme.

ADPC Executive Director Visit to NIDM: Opening Ties to Go Asia-Pacific and Beyond, 26.04.2018, New Delhi

Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) and NIDM are the two leading institutions in this region, with former as an independent professional organization and NIDM being Government of India's Premier institute with mandate of capacity building, research, training and policy support in all areas of disaster risk management. Looking to the commonalities of mandates and strengths and opportunities of cooperation in undertaking research, pilots, case studies and international level training interventions, the Executive Director of ADPC Mr. Hans Guttman and ADPC India representative Ms. Mona Anand, met the ED NIDM Mr. B H Anil Kumar and Head of NIDM Training Dr Anil K Gupta, while NIDM Professors Dr Santosh Kumar and Dr Chandan Ghosh also participated in the discussions on mutual areas of possible cooperation. Discussions included academic structure and strengths, areas of operation, avenues of joint research projects, pilots and capacity building programmes. Mr Hans Gutmann also presented a featured publication "Dharohar" a documentation of traditional knowledge on water and natural resource management for disaster resilience in Bihar state, by GEAG, UNICEF and ADPC jointly, recently released by the State Chief Minister.

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