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    Disaster & Development
    Vol. 4, No. 2, November 2010

  1. Aster Stereo Images for Landslide Hazard Assessment in the Central Alborz Mountains, Iran
    (Seyed Ramzan Mousavi, Saeid Pirasteh, Shattri Bin Mansor, Ahamad Rodzi Mahmud, Ali Amani and Khalegh Arvin)

  2. Vegetation & Agriculture Health Monitoring using Worldview-2 Satellite Image derived indices: An Approach for Drought Assessment in Jharkhand, India
    (Vivek Kumar Singh, Rajat Satpathy, Reshma Parveen and Sreeja S. Nair)

  3. Geospatial Modelling for Flood Management in a Rural Development Block of Orissa, India
    (Ansuman Satapathy, Kiranmay Sarma, and Gopal Krishna Panda)

  4. Use of Multi-Source Data Sets for Land Use/Land Cover Classification in a Hilly Terrain for Landslide Study
    (D. P. Kanungo and S. Sarkar)

  5. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Disaster Prone Areas: A Case Study in Coastal Kerala
    (Manjush Koshy, Aneesh A and Jayalekshmi AB)

  6. Accuracy Aspects in the use of GPS Technology for Geoinformation System
    (Dr. S. K Katiyar)

  7. GIS-based slope stability evaluation of a landslide complex -case study from Paglajhora, Darjeeling Himalaya, India
    (Saibal Ghosh, Niroj K. Sarkar and Chinmoy Paul)

  8. VILLAGE INFORMATION SYSTEM (VIS) Development of Village Economy through Space Technology
    (Kiran Jalem and Dr. A.K. Singh)

  9. Remote Sensing Based Hazard Assessment of Glacial Lakes -A Case Study from Kumaon Himalaya, India
    (K. Babu Govindha Raj)

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